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Top Tips For Choosing A Wedding Celebrant

The ceremony is the introduction to your special day and a part that you will remember long after your wedding is over. Here are some tips for helping choose a celebrant that suits you as a couple.

1. Make sure you have a rapport - it is pointless choosing a celebrant that you are unable to communicate with, or one that doesn't understand your wedding needs or requests .

Your celebrant should be able to clearly explain the legal requirements of a ceremony but provide options for you to incorporate your own wishes and individual personalities.

2. Your celebrant should provide you with a rough guide of how your ceremony will run, and should be available in the lead up to your wedding day to tweak or adjust the ceremony as necessary. You should be able to call or email your celebrant and receive a response in a timely fashion.

3. Try and get in early, as certain months and seasons of the year are more popular than others. Most celebrants will not want to overbook their calendar, so that they can give each individual ceremony the time and respect it needs. If you have particular dates in mind, make sure you make this clear at your initial meeting.

4. Choose a celebrant whose style and personality compliments you. If you are after a more informal ceremony you may want to employ a celebrant with a relaxed demeanor and casual approach. If you are after a more formal wedding it may be best to have a celebrant who is experienced in these types of weddings and provides a more traditional approach.

5. Try and have a bit of fun! Wedding planning can be a stressful time, but having someone who is familiar with the process and is well aware of the workings of a wedding is huge plus. You might be surprised to find that you are able to have a bit of a laugh with your celebrant in the lead up to your special day, and they can be someone to turn to for advice and guidance.

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