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Cheap Wedding Celebrant Melbourne: Why Not To Base Your Decision On Price Alone

cheap wedding celebrant melbourne

All weddings come with their own budget, and of course it is preferable to try and keep your costs down as much as possible. The truth of the matter is however, you often get what you pay for!

Here are some things to look out for with 'cheap wedding celebrants'.

*Do they allow for ceremony adjustments or changes? Often cheap celebrants will have a certain script with minimal room for changes, meaning your ceremony will not be specifically designed or tailored for your own personality or style.

*Cheap celebrants may also have hidden costs. For example, they may only allow for an initial meeting in their fee structure, and may have added costs for wedding rehearsals or revisals.

*How many weddings do they book on one day? Cheap celebrants may look at quantity over quality. Make sure they allow ample time to concentrate on each wedding individually, so that it can be the best ceremony possible.

*You may have to incur huge travel costs dependent on where your ceremony location is. Be sure to check for additional charges depending on kilometres travelled from the celebrants location.

*You may not get the service or attention that you should when it comes to planning your ceremony. The celebrant may not be able to dedicate adequate time to planning your ceremony, particularly as they may have overbooked.

When choosing a wedding celebrant, be sure to ask plenty of questions and ensure that you feel comfortable with them. You should feel confident in their ability and be able to openly communicate with them in the lead up to your special day!

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